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The training of speed in a sports performance environment has been greatly overshadowed by strength training. Think of the common name attached to the profession: The majority of trainers in weight training facilities carry the title of Strength and Conditioning coach. Not Speed and…

Jump squats have always had a place in performance training. That’s because the exercise is a variation of the popular and effective back squat. A jump squat consists of performing a traditional squat while moving at a high enough speed to leave the ground and jump in the air. Intuitively, it’s an effective performance training exercise because the movement is explosive and ballistic. ….

It’s one of the most helpless feelings in weightlifting—when the mind is willing, but the body won’t respond. Fatigue has set in and, all of a sudden, a weight that seconds ago seemed manageable is now immovable. In this case, the lifter hopes their spotter is paying attention …

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