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Lat Pull-down/Mid-Row


The XPT Lat Pull-Down / Mid Row Machine is designed to elevate your strength training routine to new heights. With its dual functionality, this machine offers a comprehensive upper body workout, targeting your lats, back, scapular plane, biceps, and rear deltoids.

Crafted with durable materials and ergonomic design, this machine ensures smooth, fluid movements for maximum effectiveness and comfort during your workouts. Whether you\re aiming to build muscle, increase strength, or improve posture, the adjustable weight stack and customizable seat position cater to users of all fitness levels.

Switch effortlessly between lat pull-downs and mid rows to target different muscle groups, providing a dynamic and efficient workout experience. Achieve your fitness goals with confidence and convenience with the XPT Lat Pull-Down / Mid Row Machine – the ultimate tool for sculpting a stronger, more defined upper body.


Product Weight – 775 LBS
Length – 83
Width – 42
Height – 108
Foot Print – 83” x 42”
Steel Notes – 11-gauge steel
Weight Stack – 190lbs


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