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Pre-owned Woodway 4Front


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Our pre-owned Woodways are refurbished, meaning that we do a thorough diagnostic of all the components. We replace any components that no longer function normally. All other working components will be cleaned and serviced (may show some wear). We make sure they’re repowder coated and working to the satisfaction of the customer. The belts may have some wear and tear on them. That information will be shared before install and delivery to ensure clear communication. Please inquire for the cost of putting a new belt on the machine if desired. As a side note, just because the belt slats may show some wear, does not compromise their functionality nor their longevity if used in the home. We offer very strong warranties of two years on parts and two years on labor

Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 218 cm
Add-on (Pro Smart touch screen)

2016 models with Personal Training console, 2018 with 21 inch Pro Smart TouchScreen (+$5500), 2019 with 21 inch Pro Smart TouchScreen (+$5900), 2021 with Quickset Console add (+$3799)


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