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The XPT Motorized Resistance Attachment


Upgrade your workout routine with our cutting-edge Motorized Resistance Attachment. Designed to enhance your strength training, this revolutionary device offers precise resistance control directly from your mobile device via Bluetooth connectivity. Get ready to take your workouts to the next level, as adjusting resistance levels for both concentric and eccentric movements up to 250lbs of resistance has never been easier.

This system is engineered to attach seamlessly to almost all standard power racks, making it compatible with the majority of gym setups. Whether you train at home, in a commercial fitness facility, or a professional sports facility, our motorized attachment will fit right in.

Tracking progress is easy as this system has one of the most advanced bar tracking technologies. It will not only give you your standard data feedback of power, force and velocity readings, but it will also graph every single movement from the beginning until the end of the duration of the range of motion. Giving the user detailed insights on choosing the precise resistance to optimally achieve the preset training objective.

What truly sets our Motorized Resistance Attachment apart is its focus on eccentric overload training. With the ability to easily adjust resistance levels, you’ll be able to finely tune your workouts to provide targeted eccentric overload for maximum muscle growth and strength gains. Push your limits, break plateaus, and achieve exceptional results like never before.

Simply download our user-friendly app on your compatible device, connect via Bluetooth, and gain complete command over your workouts. The intuitive interface allows you to customize resistance levels with ease, ensuring a workout tailored to your specific goals and preferences.

Use this system with standard Olympic barbells, our self spotting bars and racks or attach the included handles to use the system like a pulley machine or dumbbells.

Don’t limit your potential – unleash it with the Motorized Resistance Attachment. Embrace the future of fitness technology and experience the ultimate control over your resistance training.


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