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Never ask for a spot again! The XPT self-spotting half rack is a free weight lifting solution for all spaces. It is compact enough to fit comfortably in most home gym settings. Yet it is built with commercial grade materials to hold up in a heavy usage environment. The unique guided bar allows the bar to safely float just like a traditional bar. The spot free mechanism is as easy to use as gripping the handles and lifting to begin the lift and completely letting go of the handles and bar to rack and finish the lift. Lifting weights has never been this safe. Perfect for lifting alone, unsurpervised club setting and where safety is priority number 1.

Depth – 55in
Width- 86in
Height- 84in

Weight 600 lbs
Dimensions 139 × 218 × 213 cm

2 reviews for XPT HALF RACK

  1. admin

    I recently purchased the xpt half rack. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and was asked to review it for you. I felt the need for it because I was severely injured a few years ago. After multiple surgeries I found myself stuck. I needed a spotter in order to make any progress. With this machine it eliminated the need for a spotter to actually see progress. Which to me was absolutely worth the money in comparison to a conventional smith machine, the bar on this floats freely and honestly feels like a free weight but with the added safety I was looking for. Everything seems smooth, the brakes are extremely easy to use. Even my 120 pound wife is excited to come home and workout now and she’s making strength gains that she wasn’t making using the smith machine a planet fitness. I’m following the owner/creator @bbpop51 on his Instagram page and he is regularly posting different exercises on it and posting actual data of the different techniques specific to this machine. Being able to let go of the bar at the top of the rep range is actually beneficial to breaking training plateaus. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting when I ordered it. I knew it would be a sort of modified smith machine. After receiving it and building it up (which was also easy with 2 people) I am extremely happy with it. Seeing the first real gains in years after 7 surgeries, this might be my favorite piece of equipment.
    Bob Meade

  2. Kiel

    The XPT is a must have. Whether a beginner or a seasoned weight lifter, you will find this equipment to have tremendous versatility. My wife and I own and operate a private strength and conditioning facility, the athletes we work with are excited to use the XPT as well. Whether you are focusing on eccentric, concentric, or even isometric movement patterns, the XPT makes you feel completely safe during movement that the only thing you need to focus on is applying force to the barbell! The organization has paid excellent attention to detail from inquiry, purchase, delivery, set up and even use. This company and equipment have my full personal endorsement!

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